V-tight Kegel ball

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The mother of inventions, V-tight Kegel ball!! Helps with tightening your v-walls to make intimacy fun & pleasurable!

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Kegel balls are a magical invention by itself, something designed to make your pelvic muscles stronger over time. It is a set of two balls attached to each other by a string


Kegel balls help you in tightening your pelvic floor muscles. This is especially helpful during child birth & recovery back to having a strong & tight intimacy.


What’s more, it comes with an integrated app (iOS, Android) to guide you step-by-step on usage, monitor your progress and also makes it fun – with games integration!


V-tight is easy to carry & discreet. Use it while driving, watching TV or when relaxing after a long day!


Highly recommended for girls & women who feel that the “zing” is missing due to tightness issues!


Watch our online videos to educate yourself on sexual wellness & happiness!


With V-tight, now you can!


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