Timing is everything! Get it right with these Delay wipes
TK Delay wipes – women Rs200
Delay wipes – women Rs200
TK Delay wipes – Men Rs200

Delay wipes

£ 10.00

More discreet than Stud5000, safe yet pleasurable. Enhance your climax with these specially designed wipes

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Don’t you wish that the excitement of the sensual night lasts a bit longer?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give your woman the pleasure that she has always dreamt of!!


Do you want to be a “stallion” with the right timing?


Now you CAN! With TwinkleKnights Delay wipes – the most innovative yet discreet solution to stretch your intimate moments to new heights! The specially formulated wet wipes are easy to use, do an amazing job in setting you up for a loooong pleasure experience and are completely safe for you and your partner!


Wow you say!? best part is yet to “come” These are so discreet that you can carry them in your wallet and use it just like a wet tissue – only on a different head


Worried about Premature ejection? Have performance anxiety? Want to make your 1st night real special? Make sure you have a box of TwinkleKnights men’s delay wipes in your pocket!


Usage is simple:


  1. Before getting intimate/activity, open a single wipe & slowly rub over your private part for about 15 seconds.
  2. For intense pleasure, give about 5 – 6 minutes for the wetness to dry-up.
  3. Dispose of the wipe in a clean & hygienic way.


Pricing: $5 per pack of 10, Rs.350 per pack of 10


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